Health Insurance

As of 2017, the City's health plan provider is the Municipal Health Benefit Fund (MHBF).

Pharmacy Type Day Supply Generic Preferred
Align Pharmacies 30 days $4 $30 $50
All other pharmacies (retail/mail) 30 days $10 $30 $50

To locate an Align pharmacy go to, enter your address or zip code. You can then toggle between the Align pharmacies or National network. 

Mail-Order Pharmacy—In addition to the traditional retail pharmacy network, Fund members may obtain their medications through MedVantx mail order pharmacy. The mail order co-payment structure is the same as that for retail. Information and instructions on how to use the mail order pharmacy may be obtained by calling MedVantx at 866-744-0621 or by visiting The Fund’s standard co-payment structure will apply to each 30-day supply of medication obtained through the mail service pharmacy. A maximum of a 90-day supply of medication may be obtained through the mail service pharmacy, however a copayment for each one month supply will be charged.

Specialty Pharmacy—Very expensive medications (many of which are injectables) are covered under the prescription drug card benefit. However, due to the extreme cost of these products, they will be covered through a specialty pharmacy provider, Allcare Specialty Pharmacy. The Evidence-Based Prescription Drug program (EBRx) at UAMS will need to be contacted for prior authorization by calling 844-853-9400. If approved, the authorization will be referred to Allcare Specialty Pharmacy. The member or physician will then be contacted to arrange for shipment of the medication. 

For complete pharmacy information, please view pages 27-31 in the MHBF Booklet.

  • TELEMEDICINE: We have free access to eDocAmerica. Click here to access eDocAmerica, then select "Register Your Account" and choose "Arkansas Municipal League" as your benefit provider.


Melissa Fox, Human Resources, 975-8855