Leaf Pick Up

Everything you ever wanted to know about our Leaf Collection services (Maps of areas are below):

Leaf removal is kind of a big deal in North Little Rock. That’s why your city offers two options for getting rid of those annual headaches.

OPTION 1 – A scheduled, weekly pickup of bagged leaves for those who are a bit meticulous and eager to get rid of the leaves.

OPTION 2 - A non-scheduled service provided for those looking to get rid of the leaves but don’t care too much about when it happens.  We send trucks around to suck the leaves up in a vacuum.

If you choose to participate in the second option, and like the idea of a vacuum taking care of your leaf problem, here are a few things you should know.

  • There is no schedule.

All our attempts over the past ten years to create a predictable timeframe for the leaf vacuum trucks have failed.  How fast a truck makes it down a street or through a neighborhood depends on too many unknown factors.  Have the leaves fallen yet? How many residents are participating? Did it rain yesterday? How many trucks have to have their mulchers fixed? These factors vary from day to day and street to street.

  • We do answer the question “Where are the trucks at now?”

We cannot set a schedule but once per week we update our Facebook page with the location. and our best estimate, of where they will be heading next. We always have that information on our website at, along with maps to correspond. The Sanitation hotline also includes the latest update. Call (371-8340) and you will get the office assistant, and after four, you will get a recroding.  The recorder will be updated weekly.

  • Don’t add anything else to the leaves. 

Dropping some sticks or sneaking in some trash under the pile only causes the leaf mulcher to break down. That means the truck has to go back to the shop and get fixed before it can go back out again. Not very neighborly.

  • Do not put leaves in the street or gutter.

The number one reason why the city provides leaf removal service of any kind is to try and prevent as many leaves as possible from getting into our storm water drainage system.  The clogged pipes create flooding and contribute to potholes. Keep your mind and leaves out of the gutter.

  • We have seven leaf vacuum trucks.

They typically make three runs through the city each season. No neighborhood is neglected and anyone who says certain neighborhoods are favored over others is mistaken.


Why don’t you have more trucks?

Adding trucks would require additional revenue or the transfer of revenue from other city sources.  The city budget is approved by the city council and they welcome your suggestions/complaints/questions.  Feel free to contact them or the Mayor’s office. Their contact information can be found on our website,

Is this a free service?

Yes and no. There is no question that this service, like most government services, is paid for by tax revenue. But if you ever heard someone say that this is a free service, they are probably referring to the fact that residents of North Little Rock do not pay a sanitation fee, unlike every other city in Pulaski County. There are many services provided by your local government that require an additional fee (permits, electricity, water, sewer, some Parks and Recreation services, etc.) and some that do not (police, fire, sanitation, some Parks and Recreation services, etc.) This distinction is budgetary in nature.  Again, the budget is approved by your city council and any suggestions as to changes in allocation should be directed to them or the Mayor,



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