Volunteers Make City Life Better

Posted on 11/18/2014

The City of North Little Rock has an active volunteer program that provides various departments and programs with volunteers who share their knowledge, skills, and abilities with their community. The program has been in existence for over 24 years and has provided immeasurable value to the city. Capitalizing on the wealth of knowledge of retired and community minded residents who want to give back to their community, this award winning program makes North Little Rock one of the most livable communities in the State of Arkansas.

Volunteers make our city a more livable, cohesive, and environmentally friendly community. Their efforts assure that our city has input from our citizens that is relevant and timely. Our policies reflect the values of an informed citizenry and our leaders are supported by folks who are an integral part of our decision making process.

Our volunteers serve in varied programs including the planning of energy efficient buildings such as our state-of-the-art senior citizens facility, city wide cleanup efforts, parks and recreation programs, sister city programs, health clinics, city wide inoculation programs, public awareness campaigns, planning and development programs, and a host of other meaningful efforts to assist our city in meeting expectations in efficiency and community enhancement. Efforts including local community beautification and clean up programs, as well as, long range planning for programs such as bike and fitness trails are how our volunteers assist our city in moving forward into a more livable and vibrant community. Programs such as our community police and fire academies put citizens on the forefront of knowing how these two vital programs work and how our citizens can assist these programs in being even more effective in our city. Our “Pop Up” Levy and Park Hill programs are meant to let local citizens “dream” of how their community may look with their help. The Fit 2 Live program is focused on the health and welfare of both our citizens and our city employees.